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Local Small Family Farm Taking Care of the Soil for Current and Future Generations While Feeding the Community

At Solway Farms, we are a local small family farm dedicated to providing the highest quality, certified organic produce to our community. Our vegetables are available year-round through local farmers' markets, local pick-up, Hinton's farm market, and delivery. We take care of our soil using regenerative practices to ensure that future generations can enjoy the same nutrient-rich produce that we do.


We believe in supporting local agriculture and providing healthy, delicious options for our customers.


Come visit us and taste the difference of locally grown, organic produce.

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We named our farm Solway Farms to pay tribute to the beautiful and rich history of the area of Hardin County we are located. The area has been home to many families throughout the years, and we are proud to continue the farming tradition. The Solway Post Office opened in 1898 but closed in 1958, causing the area to become part of Eastview. There are still records of a mill, Hill's Mill, and a one room schoolhouse, Ford School, built in 1910.

We also thought it was perfect because,

Sol in French translated to English means "ground" and

Sol in Spanish translated to English means "sun".

As caretakers of this land we recognize the importance of the the environment and the soil and do our best to work with nature, rather than against it.



At Solway Farms, we pride ourselves on providing 100% organic and GMO-free produce to our customers. We believe in the importance of sustainable, regenerative farming practices that prioritize the health of our soil and our community. Our dedication to organic farming ensures that our products are free from harmful chemicals and are as healthy as possible for our customers to enjoy.

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